September 2023

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the High Holiday season of the 5784 New Year. Chabad of Calabasas is excited to invite the community to its 21st annual Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services, Baruch Hashem! As usual, everyone is welcome to join, with no experience, membership, expertise or payments required.

This is a special year - it's a leap year (AND it begins with a Shabbat)!

That means one full extra month - 13 instead of 12. That's 30 extra days to fill with love and kindness, Torah and Mitzvot, innovation and productivity, joy and gladness. It means thirty extra days for G‑d to fill with blessings and abundance, Nachas and Simcha, great health and great spirits, good news and good times.

May it be a sweet, great, full year, outperforming years past by leaps and bounds!

Please join us at our holiday services. Every person in attendance adds so much to the experience for everyone and your presence would mean the world to the community.

Please peruse the schedule and reservation and donation options below. Please give joyously and heroically to the High Holiday Appeal and help us reach our goal. THANK YOU!

A special program for children will be featured at every major holiday service. Details to follow. The whole family is invited to Shul!

Ktiva Vachatima Tova - Lshana Tova Umetukah: Wishing a sweet new year to you and your loved ones! During this leap year, may we leap joyfully from exile to redemption with the coming of Moshiach NOW!

Rabbi Eli Friedman
Chabad of Calabasas

P.S. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call 818.222.3838.




Friday, September 15 - Rosh Hashanah Eve

6:45 pm: Mincha and Rosh Hashanah Maariv Services (last service of the old year and first prayer of the new year) AT CALABASAS HIGH SCHOOL

Shabbat, September 16, Rosh Hashanah Day One 

10:00 am: Rosh Hashanah Services - AT CALABASAS HIGH SCHOOL

Sunday, September 17, Rosh Hashanah Day Two

10:00 am: Rosh Hashanah Services - AT CALABASAS HIGH SCHOOL

6:00 pm: Standalone 15-minute Shofar Service (for those unable to attend morning services) AT CHABAD OF CALABASAS


Sunday, September 24, Yom Kippur Eve

6:30 pm: Kol Nidrei Services - AT CALABASAS HIGH SCHOOL

Monday, September 25, Yom Kippur Day - ALL DAY AT CALABASAS HIGH SCHOOL

10:00 am: Yom Kippur Services

1:00 pm: Yizkor (time is approximate)

5:20 pm: Mincha

6:20 pm: Neilah

7:24 pm: Shofar, Havdalah, Maariv and fast ends

1. Chabad of Calabasas has never and will never require or sell tickets to synagogue services - they are a service to the community.

2. Open seating is available at all services - Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and year-round.

3. Donations to the High Holiday Appeal are respectfully requested and greatly appreciated.

4. Prefer reserve seats? Reserved seats are available for purchase. Reservations may be made here.

Please donate generously to the High Holiday Appeal here.

We look forward to seeing you in Shul!