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Please read carefully: 

All Yom Kippur services are by reservation ONLY.

Since reservations will be mandatory, reservations will be free. But this year especially, we are depending on your generous support. The reservation form will be followed by an optional donation page and we ask you to give according to your means with a big, happy heart and help us meet our High Holiday fundraising goal

All participants will be asked to:

1. Have their temperature taken (contactless) before entering

2. Use hand-sanitizer upon entering

3. Wear a mask 

4. Maintain 6-ft physical distancing from others (besides immediate family members)

5. IMPORTANT: Respect the comfort level of others in attendance and make special efforts to make everyone feel comfortable, happy and safe

Helpful Pointers:

1. We will not be providing Tallits or Women's Head-Coverings - please bring your own

2. We will be providing Kippahs - please use and take home with you; do not return them to the bin

3. We will be providing disposable, single-use masks

4. On Monday, We will be starting the services with the Torah reading. Shacharit should be done at home before arriving.

5. Machzors will be available for use at these services. But if you wish to purchase a  Machzor (to recite Shacharit at home, for instance) you can do that here. If you wish to borrow a Machzor from Chabad of Calabasas, please contact us. 

Yom Kippur Schedule

Make your reservations here 

Sunday, September 27, Yom Kippur Eve

6:30 pm: Kol Nidrei

8:00 pm: Service ends 

Monday, September 28, Yom Kippur

3:45 pm: Torah Reading

4:15 pm: Yizkor

4:45 pm: Mussaf

5:30 pm: Mincha

6:00 pm: Neilah

7:19 pm: Shofar and Fast Ends

Make your reservations here 

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