Open Air Shofar Service 

During this unusual Rosh Hashanah, some people may be unable or uncomfortable attending extended holiday services, even outdoors.

We have the answer!

Join us in the huge Juniors Parking Lot at Calabasas High School for a 30-minute, open-air, brief but inspiring Rosh Hashanah service.

In this 30,000 sq foot area you can hear the Shofar with no need to be in physical proximity to anyone.


The brief, family-friendly service will include:

- Rosh Hashanah songs and key prayers,

- Full Shofar service

- Free apples 'n honey gift packages

- Free raffle entry for every child in attendance.

- Strict physical distancing will be observed.

This is no charge for this event. This is a free service to the community.

Donation may be made here.

Reservations may be made here