The Chai Club Monthly Giving Circle was inspired by several local families as a means of creating a stable financial base for Chabad of Calabasas.

The "set it and forget it" format allows easy and effortless charitable giving for those who love Chabad of Calabasas and wish to be part of its support team.

Simply enter your payment info and how much you'd like to give every month and the rest is automatic. The support is predictable and your Tzedakah is perpetual.

Partner Goal: 180   Current Partners: 16

Brand, Daniel and Galit
Delshad, Jonathan and Afsoun
Esulin, Eli and Nancy
Friedman, Eli and Shaini
Kolesnik, Hershel
Kramer, Liba
Kresch, Robbie
Kuris, Roi
Marmorstein, Leon and Luba
Meoded, Shlomo and Michal
Reuven, Sassy and Susan
Sherazi, Kobi and Lilach
Stillman, Yrachmiel and Ruchi
Stockton, Elle
Verpukhovskiy, Yuriy and Tanya
Zaken, Arik and Taly